Lynne McFall
Movement has always been a big part of Lynne’s life. At the age of three she started participating in dance and gymnastics falling in love with the physical aspect.
In 2014 she attended her first yoga class excited for a fun new way to workout. Walking out of her first class she felt spiritually connected to her teacher, her classmates and herself. She knew she was hooked. She decided that day to make yoga a permanent part of her everyday life.
In 2016 she received her first certification in Boulder, Colorado for a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Training. Her love of kids drove her to also complete a 25 hour kids yoga training, which teaches young minds and bodies in a fun, innovative way.

Lynne expanded her horizons in 2017 by venturing to Barcelona, Spain to complete a 50 hour Yoga Trapeze Training which allowed her to expand her knowledge in other aspects of movement. Wanting to visit the birthplace of yoga, she found herself in Rishikesh, India to receive a 200 hour certification for teaching Hatha and Ashtanga.


In Lynne’s yoga classes she likes to combine breath work with body movements, teaching the students to create space in the mind and in the body. Mixing traditional yoga poses and her own creative flow makes for a unique class every single time. Every class of Lynne’s in designed for EVERY BODY.

Ashley Pate Newkirk
Ashley Pate Newkirk is the founder of Ash Events- a full service event planning company that is based in Myrtle Beach. After attending the University of South Carolina, Ashley completed a short internship with a local wedding planner before being offered a job with the company. During her years in the industry she received hands on experience with catering, floral design as well as managing a historical venue. She has growing relationships with the top leading event professionals across the country and is constantly expanding.  She recently received the 2019  title of Best Event Planner from the South Carolinas Women's Magazine's annual awards.  Ashley is an avid animal lover, she along with her husband, Cory, have three dogs. Ashley loves concerts, traveling and all things planning/events! The goal behind Ash Events is to create an iconic experience that not only eliminates stress for her clients, but it’s something they along with each guest can remember forever.
Stephanie Panos
Stephanie Panos has lived in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina her whole life. Stephanie first met Lynne, working together in a local restaurant in high school. They connected immediately and were fast friends. She discovered yoga in 2008 by attending a free class that her gym was advertising. She loved the class and thought it was a fun new way to not only stretch but break a sweat as well. In middle school she started to struggle with terrible migraines and body aches that would have her out of school constantly. Her mother struggled to find out what was wrong with her daughter taking her to many doctors. After many doctors visits and years of suffering she was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and minor scoliosis. Each doctor suggested she go on various kinds of medications. Stephanie wanted to approach the problem holistically and asked each doctor what her other alternative options were. Each doctor suggested the same approach, yoga. Stephanie then started to attend yoga classes and soon felt comfortable enough to start practicing on her own. Stephanie practiced for many years different types before deciding that she wanted to take it a step further. She received her first yoga training in India for a 200 hour Hatha Yoga Certification. Coming back to America she felt so enlightened that she wanted to spread her knowledge and good energy with everyone. She then soon received another 50 hour Yoga Trapeze Training in Barcelona, Spain alongside Lynne, the founder. Stephanie and Lynne have been spending the past couple years doing yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, you name it. They are both so excited to make their dreams come true by gathering so many people together to spread love, yoga, and and peace.

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